Half Bathroom Makeover (On a Budget)!

Dear Diary,

Since we’ve been at home so much these past few months, I couldn’t help but look around our house and want to make some updates! Our first project was our half bathroom. There was nothing terribly wrong with the space, but it just never felt like it fit the style of the rest of our home (and it desperately needed some paint)!

Here’s how we made over our bathroom on a budget!




The bathroom before was pretty generic. I wanted to do something really different with this space and make it feel like part of our home.

Some things we wanted to change:

  1. PAINT!
  2. Eliminate clutter
  3. Re-finish the floors
  4. Update mirror and faucet
  5. Get rid of window blinds


Before we started on this project, I wanted to have a clear vision (this also keeps me from overspending!). So like I usually do when creating a space, I made a mood board! My vision began with a black accent wall, and the rest just fell into place!


The Floors

We knew before painting or anything else began, we had to tackle the floors. So we took absolutely everything out of the bathroom and my husband, Sean, got to work on sanding the floors!


This was definitely the longest (and messiest) part of the project. Since this is such a small space, it wouldn’t have made sense to use a stand sander, so Sean used an Electric Hand Sander. Little by little, he got it done; and we were quickly in love with what was underneath this cherry stain.


Sean eventually finished the whole floor but had a hard time getting around the sink and toilet with the hand sander. He ended up purchasing a Detail Sander to really get in those hard to reach areas.



Once the floor was finished, I was SO excited to finally get my hands on this project.

We went with a black accent wall and painted the rest of the room white. We then went in with a satin white on the trim! The outcome was exactly what I imagined!


Floor Stain

Once the paint was dry, we stained the floors with MINWAX Weathered Oak.

This really started to bring the room together!


The floor before and after the stain.



Next, we installed a new Matte Black Faucet, spray painted our existing light fixture matte black, and put in matte black light/outlet covers. This really made the black pop on the white walls!


The light fixture before and after.

This is such an incredible budget-friendly hack! We took the original light covers off, spray painted the fixture, and installed it upside-down for a different look. I also want to get some Edison light bulbs to tie in with the rest of the decor!

We even spray painted the air vent matte black (another great budget-friendly option!).


Finishing Touches

When all the painting, staining, + installation was complete, it was time for the finishing touches!

One of the things I struggled with the most was figuring out what to do with this window. I didn’t want blinds anymore (who wants all of that dust collecting?) but I obviously didn’t want to worry about people being able to see in the window. After reading some suggestions from my Instagram family, I found this Privacy Glass Frosted Window Film.

It was super easy to install and it’s removable if we or future owners decide we don’t want it anymore!

I love this so much because we have the privacy I was looking for but still get lots of natural light in the room!

Before (top half of window) and After (bottom half of window)

Then I added some Black Sheer Curtains and the look was complete!


Finally, we installed a new Matte Black Round MirrorFloating Shelves, some Abstract Wall Art, and even a Black Toilet Lever to really tie in the theme!


We are absolutely OBSESSED with the way this bathroom turned out! There are still a few little pieces that we’d like to add, but we are so thrilled to have this space match the style of the rest of our home.

What do you think of our makeover on a budget?! Comment below!

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Thanks so much for stopping by to read my not-so-secret diary!




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