Amazon Favorites

Dear Diary,

I’ve shared some of my Amazon Favorites before, but I felt like it was time for an update! Here are some of my absolute favorite Home, Beauty and Electronic finds from Amazon.



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Drying Mat

  • This is my new obsession! This drying mat is so great because you can put it right on your sink and it doesn’t take up any counter space. It’s slightly weighted so when you put pots, pans, plates, etc. on it, it holds it all up! When you’re finished, you can roll it up and put it away!

Embossing Label Maker

  • The organizer in me loves this! I got this mostly to use on my essential oil roller bottles, but this is great to label so many things in your home!

Floating Shelves

  • We bought these shelves for our half bathroom but they would be great anywhere! They were easy to install and look beautiful. They have a removable towel rack so if you use this in the bathroom, there’s a place to put your hand towels. But if you choose to have them in another room, the towel rack can be taken off!

Privacy Window Film

  • This was another addition to our half bathroom makeover. This is great if you have a window that you feel you need more privacy on but still want to let some light in! You can cut it to any size you need and it’s really easy to put on any window.

6 Inch Straws

  • These straws might seem random, but I love them so much! I drink a lot of iced coffee/tea and love to have a straw. These are the perfect length to fit in a mug. They are also great for cocktails!

Candle Lighter

  • This candle lighter is a game-changer! It’s chargeable so you never have to buy another one. It also bends and has a wind and splash-proof flame, perfect for outdoors.

Scraper Tool

  • I love these for cleaning! I use them to scrape up stuck food on the kitchen countertops, stove, floors, and fridge as well as plates, pots, and pans. They are easy to hold and gentle enough that they won’t scratch!

Blanket Ladder

  • Our blanket ladder looks so cozy in our living room! This was the most affordable blanket ladder I was able to find and it’s exactly what I wanted. I also love that the shelves are wide enough to put decor on.



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Essential Oil Roller Bottles

  • I love essential oils and these are the perfect bottles to make my own roller blends. They would also be great to make your own perfume!

Reusable Cotton Rounds

  • I use cotton rounds every night when I tone my face. It felt like such a waste, so I purchased these reusable cotton rounds to try out! I absolutely love these! They are soft to the touch and work really well. They also come with a little laundry bag that you can wash them in so they don’t get lost in the washer.


  • It might seem strange that this is listed in the beauty category, but humidifiers are so good for your skin! It also helps me breathe better when I sleep and has even helped Sean’s snoring. I love this humidifier so much and use it every single night. It’s not too big or bulky and it has several different mist settings.

Silk Pillow Cases

  • This is another item that’s great for your skin as well as your hair! Silk pillowcases can be very expensive, but these affordable ones work just as well! We sleep with them every night. The keep my hair from getting too greasy and my skin from getting creased, dry, or breakout.



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Silicone iPhone Case

  • These silicone phone cases come in a lot of different colors and are super affordable! They’re really comfortable and protect my phone well.

Cell Phone Ring Holder

  • I love these phone ring holders! I used to have a pop-socket but it got so gross and wasn’t easy to clean. These are more affordable and come in a 4 pack. I can switch them out if it gets too dirty. They also don’t damage my case when I remove them. I still can hold my phone comfortably and I can use it as a kickstand if I’m watching a video on my phone. They also just look super cute!

Apple Watch/Phone Stand

  • This stand is so convenient for your nightstand, desk, or anywhere you want to have your phone propped up! I love that I can charge my phone and my Apple Watch in the same spot. I personally leave this on the other side of our bedroom so when my alarm goes off in the morning, it forces me to get up to turn it off.

Blue Light Glasses

  • These are new to me, but I love this adorable two-pack of blue light glasses. They are great for anyone that works on their computer or phone a lot because they protect you from screen induced headaches. They are even perfect to wear as you watch TV or if you just want to have some cute glasses on!

That’s all for my current Amazon favorites!

What’s your favorite Amazon purchase? I am always looking for new items!

Thanks so much for stopping by to read my not-so-secret diary!



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