Affordable At Home Manicure (& How to Make Them Last!)

Dear Diary,


For years I went to nail salons to get artificial or gel nails. Eventually, I realized that I am severely allergic to the chemicals! My fingers would swell up and become unbearably itchy and painful.

I can’t stand seeing my nails undone, so I had to find an enjoyable way to still have my manicures! There are chemical free salons, but they are so expensive. I had to find another way.

After researching different brands and ingredients, I discovered KISS nails! I’ve been hooked ever since.

I’ve shared my tips on their glue on nails, here , but today I’m going to show you how I use their press-on manicures! I thought they would never work, but after using them for a few years, I’ve come up with simple tips to make them last for up to 2 weeks!

And the best part…they’re never more than $9!

What to Buy


The imPRESS line is my favorite! You don’t need any glue and there are tons of different colors, styles, and lengths.


This is totally optional, but I also have this KISS Nail Tip Clipper to make it easy to shape my nails!

What You Get


In the nail package you get your nails, a prep pad, cuticle pusher, and mini nail file (I usually use my own nail file).

Prep Nails

This step is so important to make your nails last!



To prep my nails, I shape them and file down the surface. This adds texture for the press-ons to cling to.


 I push back my cuticles.


I use the prep bad on all of my nails! This makes sure they are very dry and ready for the press-ons.


Then I test the sizes of each nail and line them up.


Tip: The plastic tabs on the bottom of each nail have a number. Once I figure out which numbers fit my nails, I save them in the notes of my phone so it’s faster next time!

Applying the Nails


Once my nails are prepped and cleaned, I start applying each nail to the appropriate finger. I push the nail as close to my cuticle as possible and hold it down for 30 seconds. When I press down, I make sure to get every part of the nail so that it stays in place for as long as possible.

Reapeat this on each finger.


Tip: Save the thumbs for last! It’s easier to apply the nails when your thumb is as free as possible.

Shape Them Up!


This shape was a little bit long for my lifestyle, so I decided to trim them a bit. I used my clippers from KISS to cut them to a length I’m comfortable with.


Once they are a good length, I shape them to my liking.


Now I have gorgeous nails in 10 about minutes!

Helpful Tips To Make Them Last!

  1. Try to keep your nails dry for at least 4 hours after applying. I usually do my nails before bed so they can dry all night long!
  2. Keep back-ups in your purse. I keep the pack of nails in my purse just in case one falls off. That way, I know I can throw another on any time!
  3. Wear kitchen gloves! I try my best to avoid getting my nails soaked whenever possible. When I do the dishes, I always wear kitchen gloves so my nails don’t get wet.
  4. Press them down at least once a day! While I’m sitting watching TV or reading a book, I press down for about 30 seconds on each nail so that the adhesive sticks to my nails again. This makes them last longer!
  5. Keep them short. I do love the longer looks, but the shorter the nails are, the longer they tend to last. They don’t get caught on anything then, plus it’s easier to do everyday tasks with short nails!

Helpful Tips To Save Money!

  1. Buy your nails at Walmart! They usually have the most affordable prices (in store or online) and even more options than on the KISS website!
  2. Get two manicures for the price of one! I can usually get two manicures out of one nail package. Some nails might be a tad too big for the second manicure, but I just file the sides to make it fit my nail bed!

I’m telling you guys, these nails work. I even wore them on my wedding day and all through our honeymoon! I work as an esthetician, so I am constantly putting my hands in water and washing them like crazy (especially during this pandemic!).

I totally swear by them! Hope you try them out for yourself!

This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.

Thanks so much for stopping by to read my not-so-secret diary!

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