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Dear Diary,


Gyms still aren’t open, and even when they are, you won’t find me at one for a long time. It’s been so nice to really find my groove at home and start to perfect our workout room. We don’t even need a gym anymore! Here are some of my favorite workout products from Amazon!


As far as workouts go, I use Beachbody on Demand, Peloton, and occasionally some YouTube videos. Some of my favorite fitness YouTube accounts are MadFit and Yoga with Adriene. There are also tons of HIIT workouts you can follow on Pinterest!


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  • Kettlebells
    • Kettlebells are great, especially since many places are sold out of dumbbells. There are tons of amazing kettlebell workouts on YouTube!
  • Workout Towels
    • I love these SO MUCH. They are microfiber which makes them so soft and won’t harm your skin. They’re great to have on the back of my Peloton bike or hung next to my weights!
  • Resistance Bands
    • These are great to have if you can’t get your hands on some dumbbells, too. There are so many moves that burn just as much when you use resistance bands, and could these colors be any cuter?! This set also comes with a large band that you can use for stretching or yoga!
  • Sliders
    • I love sliders and use them pretty often! These bright yellow ones bring me joy!
  • Nylon Watch Band
    • If you have an Apple Watch, you need these. I used to get rashes on my wrist from sweat when I’d wear the original rubber watch bands. Ever since I got these, I’m so much more comfortable and they never slide around. I’m also just totally obsessed with this rainbow one!
  • Yeti
    • I explained my deep love for Yeti in my last blog post, Favorites while Quarantined, but I had to include it here, too. My 18 oz rambler makes it so easy to take a quick drink during my workouts, specifically with the straw lid! Also if you have a Peloton bike, it fits perfectly in the water bottle holders!
  • Shaker Bottle
    • Speaking of water bottles, I’m obsessed with these shaker bottles! They have so many cute designs on Amazon, it was hard to even choose my favorite. I use these when I mix my pre-workout and sometimes for smoothies!
  • Wire Basket with Hooks
    • I know that this isn’t exactly “workout gear”, but I had to mention it because I’m obsessed! We needed some storage in our workout room and this was the perfect solution! We filled the basket with our workout towels, socks, and sanitizing wipes; then we hung our sneakers/spin shoes on the hooks!
  • Exercise Ball
    • Another amazing piece of equipment to have in your stash!
  • Dumbbells
    • Because they are a must and these are so cute! I love that they come on a little rack.
  • Alani Nu Pre-Workout
    • This is another product I mentioned in my Favorites while Quarantined post. This is my absolute favorite pre-workout I’ve tried! There are so many amazing flavors and it gives me that little boost I sometimes need to get my workout in.
  • Yoga Mat
    • A must! I use mine all the time! I love this one, too, because of the strap. When you can eventually get back to the gym, you can toss it on your shoulder and head to class!

Please keep in mind to do what is best for YOU during this time. For me, working out eases my anxiety and makes me really happy; but everyone is different! Listen to your body and take care of your mental health before anything else.

Stay safe and healthy, friends!

What’s your favorite workout gear? Comment below!

Thanks so much for stopping by to read my not-so-secret diary!



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