Things to Do in Quarantine

Dear Diary,

Well, it’s officially been 20 days of self-isolation and there’s at least another month to go. This isn’t easy. The unknown causes a lot of fear and anxiety.

I, like many others, am unable to work right now. While my husband is working from home everyday, I have nothing to do. On a normal day, that sounds great! But when you can’t leave the house for who knows how long, it can make you pretty crazy.

I’ve noticed my anxiety rise when I’m not busy. When I sit on the couch and watch Netflix all day (which is also needed sometimes), I feel lazy and unproductive.

Here are some things you could do to keep yourself occupied in quarantine:


Get Ready


Even if it feels silly, get ready for the day like you usually would! This makes the day feel more “normal” and even gives you something to do. It can even be fun to try a new makeup look or hairstyle.

Get out of your pjs and put on a cute outfit, even if it includes joggers! You’ll feel so much better.



The thing that is keeping me the most sane while in isolation is moving my body everyday. Sean and I have been LOVING Beachbody On Demand workouts, especially since we can’t hit the gym.

We do a workout in the morning and then yoga at night to calm our anxiety.

Who would have thought I’d be more active while at home 24/7?

Get Outside


We have to keep social distance, but it’s still ok to get outside! We have been going on walks everyday. It feels amazing to put our phones away and get some fresh air.

We can’t wait to have a nice enough night to grill dinner and eat on the deck!

FaceTime Happy Hour


We had SO much fun FaceTiming with my brother and sister-in-law with some drinks! And we had a Zoom meeting with all our cousins and grandparents. Makes you wonder why we don’t do things like these more often!

Date Night (At Home)

We usually try to have a date once a week, but obviously that’s not an option with a “stay at home” order. So, it’s time to get creative!

The other night, Sean and I, picked a movie, got a ton of snacks, blew up the air mattress, and put it in front of our basement TV. We had the best time eating and drinking and even slept there all night. It’s not the same as going out like we normally would, but it was such a blast!

This week, we want to dress up and have a fancy dinner at home!



Are you constantly wishing you had more time to organize/clean your house? Now’s your chance! Pick a project and get it done!

If you don’t know where to start, check out my Cleaning Routine blog post!

Pick Up an Old Hobby

Here’s mine! I haven’t blogged in far too long. Get out that old guitar, paint brush, or whatever it is you used to love. It will bring you so much joy.



Perfect your skincare routine! It’s the perfect time to give your face a break from makeup and try out some new products.

Take a Bath


Need I say more?



I’m always wishing I had the time to read like I used to. I’ve been trying to read at night or when I find myself mindlessly scrolling on my phone.



I love to write down 5 things I’m grateful for everyday to remind myself that things could always be worse.

It’s also therapeutic to journal what you’re feeling during these trying times.

Play a Game


I’m not much of a game person, but a little Uno or Phase 10 never hurts when you’re bored at home.

Listen to Podcasts


If you’ve never gotten into podcasts, this is a great time. I love to listen to podcasts while I clean the house or work on projects!

Work on Home Projects


There are so many little (and big!) things we want to do around our house…touch up paint, change out hardware, etc. This has given us the time to do it!

Make a TikTok


Hear me out, I wanted nothing to do with TikTok at first…but it’s totally addicting!

I thought it was just teenagers doing silly dances when I first heard about it, but there are so many people sharing recipes, home decor, DIYs, and more to pass the time while you’re at home!

Try New Recipes

We have been loving cooking up new recipes! Before all of this, Sean and I gave up meat for Lent. While that probably isn’t ideal since there’s limited food in the grocery stores, it has really made us expand our recipe books and get creative!

Also, I CAN’T stop baking!!

Make Cards for the Elderly

Make someone smile. 🙂

Talk to Someone

Catch up with friends and stay connected!

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, most people don’t go this long without human connection. We need our loved ones more than ever!

Also, if you are ever feeling depressed, anxious, or unable to handle these difficult times, talk to someone. Whether it be a friend, family, or professional; there’s always someone that can listen.


Thanks so much for stopping by to read my not-so-secret diary!

Please stay healthy, stay HOME, and know I’m thinking of you.




One thought on “Things to Do in Quarantine

  1. Excellent advice Beth. I have made a Destress and Relax audio that I am giving away for free to help people through this situation. If you would like it then please just follow my blog and I’ll give you the password to access the audio. You can unfollow anytime I won’t be offended. Take care David


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