Vision Board

Dear Diary,

When a new year arrives, we get this need to change everything in our lives to be more “perfect”. I felt myself get overwhelmed at the beginning of 2019, which is why I took a step back from blogging. I decided to find what was truly important to me this year and focus on those things.

What helped me decide this the best was creating a vision board! Though it is nearly February, it is still the new year and never too late to get inspired.

Here is how I created my 2019 vision board and found what’s most important to me.

Get Inspired

Before starting my vision board, I looked up some examples to get inspiration! There are so many different ways to make your board. Some people make it like a collage, while others keep it very organized. Some only have a few pictures, and some have a ton. Let your creativity decide!


  1. Goals brain dump–In a notebook, I wrote down anything possible I wanted to better in my life this year. It could be as big or small as you wish.
  2. Narrow down goals–I went through my goals brain dump and chose the ones that were most important to me and best fit my vision of 2019.
  3. Split goals into categories–I split my goals into 5 categories: lifestyle/fitness, mental health, personal, love, & productivity. This helped me narrow down what I would be working towards in 2019. You can make your categories fit your life best.
  4. Pinterest!–I made a board on Pinterest for my 2019 visions. As I scrolled through, I began pinning photos and quotes that applied to my goals. These pictures are important to YOU and only you. A picture of a tea cup might mean something different to you than it does to me…but as long as it aligns with your goals, it can be put onto your board!



  1. Choose pictures–When I was ready to start creating my vision board, I went through my Pinterest board and deleted any photos that didn’t align with my 5 categories.
  2. Print & Cut–I printed and cut out the photos I wanted to use.
  3. Split into categories–I split my photos into piles of my 5 categories.
  4. Glue onto poster board–I got a poster board at the Dollar Tree (of course) and started placing my pictures where I wanted them. It’s up to you if you want to put them onto your board in your categories or if you want it all together! I personally put 4 of my categories in each corner and my “love” category in the middle. Each of my other 4 categories meet in the middle to “love”, since I believe that to be the heart of my life and goals. Once your photos are where you like them, glue them into place!
  5. Additions–Once all my pictures were on my board, I added some little additions. I printed out words that represented my goals in a black, bold font. I glued them in places on my board that fit those words to give me addition support at a quick glance. I also added some stickers in places that looked empty.

Hang it up!


Where you put your vision board is one of the most important steps! You want your board to be in a place that you see every single day to give you inspiration!

I hung  my board up in my office closet. I see it every morning when I go to workout and get my day started. While I work at my desk, I keep the door open to see my vision board. It inspires me in all areas of my life to push forward and work hard!

I also took a picture of my vision board and set it as my phone background. I love seeing it when I open my phone!

If you don’t want it as a background, (I’m sure mine won’t stay there all year!) I suggest at least having a picture of it on your phone. When I’m feeling stressed, upset or overwhelmed, I look at my vision board to help guide me. Having it on my phone helps me when I’m not at home to look at it!

Thanks so much for stopping by to read my not-so-secret diary!

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I created my vision board! So many of you asked me on Instagram to make a post on this topic. Make sure you follow me on Instagram to give me more post ideas!




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