Fun & Affordable Ways to Wrap Gifts

Dear Diary,

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I really love to wrap gifts! I like it’s super fun to make a gift look really unique & exciting to open! Here are a few ways I stepped up the wrapping game this year!

Rustic Greenery

I really love plain craft paper to work with because you can really make it into anything you desire! This is a super simple way to make your gifts look chic.

I wrapped this gift in brown craft paper from the Dollar Tree. I then took some white & gold twine I got at the Target Dollar Spot and wrapped it around the box several times until I liked the thickness. Next, I cut a piece of greenery from garland at the Dollar Tree & tucked it into the twine.

Burlap & Buffalo Check


I really loved this red & black buffalo check wrapping this year. It totally went with my color scheme in my house & look super cute under the Christmas tree. It was really affordable at Walmart!

For this gift, I wrapped it in my buffalo checked paper. I then tied this burlap ribbon from the Dollar Tree around it in a bow! To add a little something else, I took a wreath ornament I got in a set in the Target Dollar Spot.

I love to add ornaments to my gifts because it not only elevates the look, but also acts as a little extra gift!

Glittery Chic


This is a great design for something that doesn’t celebrate Christmas or that you just want a pretty package for!

After wrapping the gifts in brown craft paper, I laid down some double sided tape on the side. I then took some glitter I got at the Dollar Tree & dumped it onto the tape. After shaking it , the excess glitter fell off & left a perfectly straight line of glitter!

I then added the same twine from earlier to finish the look!

Red Christmas Truck


The red truck is huge this year! I’ve seen them all over, so I of course had to put my own twist on it!

After wrapping my gift in the brown craft paper, I wrapped my twine around several times. I then took this adorable red truck wrapping paper I found at the Dollar Tree & cut out a truck. I also made sure to cut off the tree in the truck & glued it into my gift. Finally, I took a mini tree I got at the Target Dollar Spot & hot glued it onto the back of the truck to create a 3D effect!


Okay, it CAN’T get easier than this…If you get sick of wrapping or you just can’t stand wrapping gifts, this is for you!

I picked up some cute gift boxes at the Dollar Tree (most sizes are 3 for $1!).

I stuck my gifts inside, taped the box shut so it doesn’t go anywhere, & tied some ribbon onto each gift. I then added these adorable ornaments that I got from the Target Dollar Spot to add some excitement to the gift!


On the gift with the Santa ornament, I hot glued one of these bells I picked up at the Dollar Tree to complete the present!

Santa Clause is Coming to Town


I love this one for kiddos!

After wrapping my gifts in the brown craft paper, I added this adorable washi tape from the Target Dollar Spot that says “Do not open until December 25th”. Next, I made a bow with my twine & added a few jingle bells!

Bag it Up!

Did you run out of gift bags but have tons of wrapping paper to spare? This these cuties are for you!

Take some wrapping paper & fold it into thirds, leaving the seam in the middle. Take about 4 inches from the bottom & fold it up.

Unfold the bottom & make it into a diamond like shape. Fold the top & bottom of the diamond on top of each other. You should end up with what looks like the bottom of a gift bag!

Now it can be opened & stand up!

Put your gifts inside!


Fold & seal the top down so it remains closed.

For my first bag, I hot glued some black ribbon from the Dollar Tree to the back to create a handle. I then added an ornament from the Target Dollar Spot.

For my second bag, I poked two holes on either side of the bag. I strung the black ribbon through the back of the bag & tied a bow in the front. I then added a wreath ornament from the Target Dollar Spot!

I had the best time creating these fun designs for Christmas wrapping!

Which one will you be trying out this Holiday season?

Thanks so much for stopping by to read my not-so-secret diary!



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