Gift Wrapping Organization

Dear Diary,

I have so many Christmas posts to share with you all, so here’s a quick Friday surprise!

Unlike many people, I love to wrap gifts! Really, any time that I can release some creativity, I am a happy girl.

Along with loving to wrap, you all know that I also love to be organized. When I feel unorganized, I get frazzled. This Christmas season as I was getting all of my wrapping supplies together, I started to feel overwhelmed because each piece that I needed was in a different room or drawer or closet!

I like when everything has a place! I also like when it doesn’t take up too much space.

While I was out at Walmart the other day, I saw these over the door shoe organizers & thought it would be the perfect place for organizing all of my wrapping needs!


I came home & immediately threw the organizer over a closet door. I was able to easily store my tape, scissors, ribbon, tags, cards, tissue paper, etc. I realized though, that the wrapping paper wasn’t going to stay put just in the bottom pocket because it isn’t deep enough.


To easily fix that problem, I cut the bottoms of the second & third rows from the bottom. That way, I was able to put the wrapping paper rolls in three rows so they can stand up straight!


This was a super easy & quick way to organize all of my supplies to get into Christmas wrapping! Now everything has it’s own designated place & it doesn’t take up ANY floor space!

Stay tuned for some really fun (& cheap!) ways to decorate your presents this Holiday Season!

Will you be trying this organization hack? How else would you use this over the door shoe organizer?

Thanks so much for stopping by to read my Not-So-Secret Diary!



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