Christmas Gift List : Bullet Journal

Dear Diary,

As a visual person, I love planning & making lists! It helps my unorganized mind feel a little bit more relaxed. Also…if I don’t write things down, it’s gone 5 minutes later (I’m only 23?!).

When it comes to getting gifts for the special people in my life, I have to do the same. The second I think of an idea for a certain person, I write it in my bullet journal so I can reference it later.

Honestly, I even keep notes like this is my phone year round! It helps me when I need it later.

In November, I really start thinking about what I’m getting my family & friends. Here is how I kept track this year!

Christmas gifting can get overwhelming! Truly, this isn’t even everyone (My real list started a while ago & my loved ones read these, so I made up this one for show)!

To keep all of my ideas in one place, I made a little box for each person I need to buy for this year. When I thought of a gift idea, I quickly jotted it down in their box. Sometimes, I end up with a full box of ideas & sometimes it stays empty until I buy them something! It’s a perfect little brain dump of ideas.

Once I decide on a gift & buy it for that person, I color in their box so I know they’re taken care of!

I made this page even cuter by making all the boxes presents with bows on them. I also used Christmas stickers to decorate around the whole page!

How do you keep track of your Christmas presents?

Thanks so much for stopping by to read my Not-So-Secret Diary!



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