Dollar Tree DIY Pillow (No Sew)

Dear Diary,

This Holiday season, I am really loving the black and white buffalo check trend!

I have been looking for a cute little pillow to add the final touch to my couch! Of course, I quickly realized that, like any trend, this one can be expensive.

I remembered that I had some leftover pieces of buffalo check fabric from my DIY Layered Doormat. In that post, I made a doormat out of a Dollar Tree scarf. I knew I could do a little something with what I had left!

Here’s how I made a mini buffalo check pillow using products I already had at home!

[As you will see, I used hot glue. You could also use fabric glue for a stronger hold or if you’d like to wash it, sew the sides. I chose to do it this way because I wanted to create something without going out + buying ANYTHING! I also will only be using this pillow for decoration.]

What You’ll Need:


  • Dollar Tree scarf
  • Pillow stuffing (or pillow you don’t care about)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


img_81541. I took the two pieces of fabric I had left and trimmed them down to the same size so they were even on all sides. (Since I only had a little bit of fabric left, I knew I would be making a small pillow. If you had a full scarf from the Dollar Tree, this would be much bigger.)

img_8155.jpg2. After making sure the proper sides were facing outward, I hot glued only THREE sides of the fabric together, leaving the fourth open. (I folded the ends in when hot gluing to give a cleaner appearance).

3. (I decided to use a pillow I got at Walmart for $2 than to buy a bag of stuffing. This is cheaper + you get way more filler if you decided to make more pillows!) I cut my pillow so I could get to my stuffing.


4. I stuffed my pillow as much as I could without making it overflow.


5. Last thing to do was hot glue the last side!

This was the first time I created a DIY only with products I had at home! Will you be trying a DIY like this?

Thanks so much for stopping by to read my Not-So-Secret Diary!


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