Switching Your Closet for the Seasons

Dear Diary,


First of all….how blessed am I with this closet?! I barely fold any of my clothes!

I have so much space, that I can put my summer stuff on the side of the closet without them getting in the way!

I am totally obsessed with this space.

With the weather quickly changing, I felt that it was time to switch my closet from all of those spring/summer clothes to fall/winter!

I honestly get really excited when this time comes. I especially love this time of year because I love fall + I love Christmas!

Here are some of my tips on switching your closet from one season to the next!

  1. Decide what clothes are strictly summer or ones that can be used for layering in the fall/winter
    • I first went through all of my clothes + decided if it was too summery or not. When I know that they are unable to be worn in the colder seasons, I put them to the side.
  2. Remove clothes that you haven’t worn in a long time
    • If you have trouble with this, turn your hangers backwards. When you wear the item, hang it back up the correct way. At the end of the season, you will know that the items still backwards should be donated/sold/trashed/etc.
  3. Separate clothes into piles
    • Make 4 different piles:
      • Donate
      • Sell
      • Trash
      • Keep
    • This isn’t easy for everyone, but I really love getting rid of clothes. There is no need to have stuff that you don’t wear! They can be given to someone that really needs them.
  4. Hangers
    • Invest in GOOD hangers. I love the velvet ones with the metal top. They keep my clothes from getting hanger shoulders + they make for so much more room in your closet. This is a great time to get some hangers for clothes that are coming into your closet for the new season!
  5. Color coordinate
    • I also love to color coordinate my closet. I go by shirts in color order, dresses in color order, then pants in color order. I always know where everything is when I’m in a hurry!
  6. Store last season’s clothing properly + labeled
    • If you put your clothes away completely for the season, be sure to store them in a place that they will be safe.
    • Label whatever you put your clothes in so they can easily be accessed when the next seasonal change comes.
  7. Wash clothes
    • If you stored clothes from the previous season in boxes/bins, I recommend that you wash them before wearing them. You don’t know what could have happened while they sat in a box for 6 months.
  8. Switch out your shoes the same way
    • Use all of these same steps to switch out your shoes for the new season!

What tips will you be using in your closet?

Have any other tips? I would love to hear them!

Thanks so much for stopping by to read my Not-So-Secret Diary!


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