Night-Time Routine

Dear Diary,


As I’ve mentioned before, I have a (not-so) guilty pleasure of watching morning and night routines on Youtube! Since I love watching them so much, I thought it would be fun to write mine for you all to read!

I’m not perfect, + I definitely don’t follow this every single night, but I do try my best!

I think that routine is really important. It keeps us consistent and helps to form healthy habits.

I previously posted my Morning Routine, so here is what my night looks like!



My night-time routine begins with making dinner.

I am usually home before Sean, so I tend to cook most nights. I also meal prep things like chicken on the weekends to make life easier!

I don’t know about you, but I love to cook. I have a lot of fun making fun/healthy dinner options!

When Sean gets home, we love to sit + talk about our day while enjoying a home cooked meal!



After dinner, we like to tidy things up pretty immediately. We put all the dishes away for the night, start the dishwasher + clean down the countertops. This only takes about 10 minutes + it’s nice to relax the rest of the night knowing things are put away.

I find the kitchen to be the heart of the home, so I enjoy waking up to a clean space the next morning!



Once the kitchen is clean, I like to dedicate some time to myself, especially after a busy day. I deal with anxiety, so I find this time to be important!

To relax my body, I try to spend just 5 minutes stretching. This reminds me to breathe + loosen up any tension I’ve built up throughout the work day.




With the chilly, fall nights approaching, I’ve been enjoying a cup of tea after dinner. My new favorite is to make (healthy) decaf chai tea pumpkin lattes! It makes me feel like I’m having a treat instead of indulging in pumpkin ice cream (which of course, happens sometimes too)!



While I sip my tea, I pull out my bullet journal to plan the next day.

As you know from all of my BUJO posts, I am a planner. I love to get out my pens, markers + stickers to make my to-do lists.

I believe in the phrase, “plan tomorrow today”. I think this sets me up for success + I don’t feel like I’m scrambling to figure out what to do the next morning.

During this time, I occasionally journal a bit as well. At the end of the night, my brain tends to be all over the place, so I like to get it all on paper + out of my head!




On nights that I’m really feeling cozy, I will take a hot bubble bath. I’ll enjoy my tea, put on a face mask + watch some Netflix before I get ready for bed.

Most nights, though, I just can’t wait to get in my pjs!

There is literally nothing better than pajamas. Some nights, I run upstairs to put them on before I even eat dinner!

Next, I set out my outfit for tomorrow, wash my face, do some skin care + brush my teeth.

Once I’m all cozy, I get to snuggle up with my love + watch some TV before bed!

We try to put our phones away around 9:30-10 PM not only to enjoy some quality, unplugged time, but also to help fall asleep more easily.


The last thing I do before getting into bed at night is put on my oil diffuser + turn on my salt lamp. This combination makes me feel totally relaxed + ready for a good night’s sleep!

Some night’s I read until I fall asleep, but usually I’m too exhausted at this point!

What do you do to relax at night?

It feels so nice to have a routine to wind down at night! When I follow this routine, I have the best 7-8 hour sleep!

 I hope you enjoyed my Night-Time Routine!
Will you be trying out any of my tips?

Thanks so much for stopping by to read my Not-So-Secret Diary!


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