DIY Layered Doormat

Dear Diary,

I have been seeing tons of these adorable doormats that have cute + funny fall sayings on them…

As badly as I’ve wanted to purchase one, I couldn’t stomach spending $40+ on something that is not only seasonal, but is meant for people to step on!

I also noticed that layering your doormats (especially with buffalo check) is a huge trend right now…


I totally wanted to hop on that bandwagon, but the same thing came into play here…they were all too expensive

So of course, I challenged myself to DIY both of these on a tiny budget.

What You’ll Need:

As usual, almost all of these products are from the Dollar Tree, which makes this DIY even more exciting!

[Click the photos for links to products]

1. Black Exterior Paint

2. Paint Brush

3. Hot Glue Gun OR Fabric Glue

4. Welcome Mat

download (1)

5. (2) Fleece Scarves

download (2)

6. Nonslip Shelf Liner


7. Vinyl Letters


The Mat:

1.Flip over the Welcome mat. We will be working on the back of it.

2. Cut out the stickers letters that you will be using to create your phrase. I chose to only use the stickers for “hey there” + free handed “pumpkin”.img_7142

3. Remove the letter + use the outline as a stencil. This works wonderfully because you can stick them in place.img_7149-e1539200973385.jpg

4. Place the letters on the mat where you would like them.

5. Carefully fill in the stencils with your paint + brush.

6. Use a yellow highlighter or something light to write out the rest of your phrase.img_7145.jpg

7. Trace over the rest of the phrase with your paint + brush.

8. Carefully remove your stencils.

9. Let dry for at least 12 hours before putting outside.img_7327-e1539202159824.jpg

The Layered Mat:

1. Lay out your two scarves + decide how big you want your layered mat to be. You should make it a bit bigger than your top mat so that it peaks out underneath.img_7154-e1539202692775.jpg

2. Cut your scarves to the size you desire. (This step does not have to be perfect, we will fix the edges later).img_7152.jpg

3. Cut the fringe off of one end of the scarves.img_7153

4. Use a hot glue gun or fabric glue to attach your scarves together.

5. Glue the fringed edges to the new end of your scarves. (This is what covers up those messy edges from step 2).

6. Cut the shelf liners to fit the back of the mat + glue them in place. This will keep your mat from sliding all over the place!img_7156.jpg

7. Place or glue your top mat on the layered mat. (I chose not to glue mine to the layered mat in case I want to make a different top mat).Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Now you have an adorable fall layered welcome mat!

I am totally obsessed with the way this came out. I have been receiving so many compliments since I put it on my front porch! there is no reason to break the bank when it comes to something seasonal and trendy.

The total cost of this DIY was $8!!!!

Will you be trying this layered doormat DIY at home?
Comment below what you’d like to see next on the blog!

Thanks so much for stopping by to read my Not-So-Secret Diary!


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