PLAN WITH ME : October Bullet Journal

Dear Diary,

It’s almost October, which means it’s time for another Bullet Journal Setup! I am so excited to share this month’s with you because I decided to do things a little bit differently! Check out my previous Bullet Journal posts to see what I switched up for October!

Also, make sure you read until the end because I have some fun surprises to share with you!



This October, my theme is “Basic Witch”. I had such an awesome time creating this adorable setup. I used pumpkin spice lattes, witch cauldrons, and Halloween colors to achieve this theme.

I have been loving this monthly vertical spread rather than a calendar. I think it’s so easy to see the whole month at a glance!



I usually do lots of trackers (habits, mood, sleep, exercise), but I decided to keep it simple this month.

In September, I found keeping up with so many trackers to be more annoying than useful. Something that is great about Bullet Journaling is that I can change the things I am not enjoying!

I decided to just add my sleep and exercise into my habits tracker to make it a little easier.

At the end of the day, I will put a check in the box if I completed the habit for the corresponding day.

For my mood trackers, I usually color in a doodle based on how I am feeling. This month, I chose to draw these adorable potion bottles and write on the label how I’m feeling.



Before getting into journaling, I wanted to show you that I glued in this coloring sheet this month! I love to do this sometimes because it gives me something to do if I am out waiting for something or am feeling anxious at home. I can pull out my BUJO and color to relax.

ALSO–the real reason I glued this on this particular page is because I messed up. I used this coloring sheet to cover up my mistake. This just shows you all that it’s ok if your BUJO isn’t perfect!

Now to journaling. The last few months I have been doing “Lines a Day”. This month, I thought it would be fun to go “old school” and just journal when I feel like it and for how long I feel like. I left 3 pages completely blank to write as I please this month.



I am keeping it simple here with a classic setup. I will be using the left sides for events or appointments and the right block for to-do lists.

I also am using meal planning stickers to help me plan out dinner for the week!




So many of you tell me all the time that you want to start a Bullet Journal but you are afraid or you think it’s too hard or that you aren’t artistic enough. I wanted to show you a few ways to make it so so simple!

love to use stickers!! As much as I adore doodling, sometimes I just don’t want to or don’t have the time! Stickers is an awesome way to decorate your BUJO without having to draw. I used these stickers and washi tape to decorate this entire page and even some other spots throughout my month.

Stickers are also super cute and useful for appointments, holidays, tasks, etc.

Click the photos below for some of my favorite sticker books!

(Watch for sales and coupons when purchasing these books! I got all of mine when they were 50% off.)




Like I said, so many of you tell me you don’t know where to start when it comes to Bullet Journaling. To help you out, I decided to create and upload some free printable’s for you all!

Click the links below to download and print out for yourself! Cut these out to fit your BUJO, glue in, and enjoy!


For this spread, all you have to do is write in the days of the week to the right of the date. If there are only 30 days in the month, simply cut off the 31.


Write in any habits you want to track on the top of the page. Put a check in the box of the corresponding day if you completed the habit! If there are only 30 days in the month, simply cut off the 31. Also, if you don’t want to track as many habits as I created here, you can cut off columns as you please.


All you have to do for this spread is put the date to the write of the day. Then you can use this however you choose!

Now grab a pen and start planning your month with me!
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What BUJO printable’s would you like me to create for you next? Comment below.

Thanks so much for stopping by to read my Not-So-Secret Diary!


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