DIY Fall Dollar Tree Wreaths

Dear Diary,

One of my favorite ways to decorate for the seasons is using wreaths…but they can be SO expensive.

I was on the hunt for a pretty wreath for my front door, and the cheapest I could find was $19.99. I thought that was an okay price, but I knew I could do better.

I finally decided to create my own! This is awesome because not only will it be more affordable, but it’s totally customizable to my wants and needs!

The best part about this DIY is that ALL of the supplies were bought at the Dollar Tree, so I really didn’t break the bank!

I decided that I wanted to create a fall wreath for my front door and a Halloween wreath for my back door! I hope you all enjoy!

Fall Wreath





  • One Willow Wreath Ring
  • One Strand of Maple Leaf Garland
  • Three Stems of Garden Grass Stems
  • One Pack of Red Pumpkin Clips
  • One Roll of Fall Ribbon

[Click the pictures below for links to items]

{To purchase items on the Dollar Tree Website, you must buy in bulk–so I recommend you shop in store. These links are mostly so you have a better idea of what I used!}

Floral Garden Natural Willow Wreaths

Floral Garden Artificial Maple or Oak Leaf Garlands, 60-in. StrandsFloral Garden Red/Orange Beach Grass Stems with Feathers, 17 in.

Decorative Pumpkin Clips, 3-ct. PacksDecorative Autumn Harvest Ribbon, 3-yd. Spools

Metal Autumn Wreath Hangers, 14 in.


This was super easy to make!!!

  • First, I wrapped the maple leaves around the entire wreath.
  • Next, I took apart the grass stems and started to fill them in around the wreath, sticking them into any empty spots.
  • I then attached the pumpkin clips in a few places around the wreath.
  • Finally, I made a pretty bow to hang the wreath from. I attached it to the top of the wreath form and made a loop to hang it up!
  • I hung the wreath on my adorable hanger that is also from the Dollar Tree!


Halloween Wreath





  • One Metal Wreath Ring
  • One Roll of Purple Tulle Mesh Ribbon
  • One Roll of Orange Tulle Mesh Ribbon
  • One Roll of Black Tulle Mesh Ribbon
  • One Pack of Halloween Bat Clips

[Click the pictures below for links to items]

Metal Wreath Rings, 14.25 in.

Crafter's Square Sparkle Tulle Mesh Ribbon, 3-yd. Rolls

Crafter's Square Halloween Bat Clips, 4-ct. Packs


If you thought the fall wreath was easy, this is even easier! It only took me 5 minutes!

  • I took each roll of mesh, working a color at a time.
  • I weaved the mesh in and out of the wreath form.
  • After applying each roll, I would pull up pieces to make it appear full.
  • When I went in with another color, I would try my best to weave in other areas so that all of he colors were seen equally.
  • Finally, I attacked my adorable purple bats and hung it on my door hanger (also from DT)!


I absolutely loved creating these simple and fun wreaths from the Dollar Tree!

Which one was your favorite?
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Thanks so much for stopping by to read my Not-So-Secret Diary!



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