Fall Home on a Budget!

Dear Diary,

As most of you should know by now…I am obsessed with fall.

For all you out there rolling your eyes and thinking “it’s too early for fall…” I just read an article about how decorating for the holidays early is proven to make you happier! So I’m just trying to be happy! And I obviously wanted to get some good content for you all to go out and buy your items, too!












With that said, I have been going to all my favorite shops the last several weeks and months to find the best fall decor and home items on a budget.

I’m super excited to share with you all!

Bath and Body Works



Of course, we have to start with the best place to find your fall scents…Bath and Body Works!!

My favorite things to get at Bath and Body Works are their candles, wall flowers, foaming hand soaps, hand sanitizers, and body sprays.

While this store might not always be the most budget friendly, you have to watch for the sales!

As annoying as signing up for emails might be, it’s worth it to get the best deals.

I also love to order online because some of the sales are on different days (candles one day, wall flowers another), this way you are taking advantage of the best deals. You also don’t have to carry the heaviest bag ever around the mall after buying 4 candles and 5 hand soaps!

Ordering online for a store where you want to smell everything seems crazy though, right? So my trick, is to go when all of the scents first are released JUST to smell. This will help you decide what you want to purchase when those sales start to pop up online!

The Dollar Tree



Would this even be a Beth’s Not-So-Secret Diary post without talking about my favorite store?

I got some wreath making things, garden picks, lots of little pumpkins, pumpkin air fresheners, burlap leaves, a magnetic frame, and a glass vase.

I also picked up some stuff to make a fall wreath, so stay tuned for another Blog post on DIY Dollar Tree wreaths!

The pumpkin air fresheners are great for in the bathroom or a closet to make it smell nice and fresh! They also last a really long time!


I loved this little magnetic picture frame! I thought it was such a simple way to add that fall farmhouse style into the home. Our garage door is metal, so I put it right on there with a fall-ish picture of Sean and me!


The little orange and white pumpkin packs were actually clips. I decided to take the clips off and use them as decor! I put them and the burlap leaves inside of the glass vase to create a cute and easy display to fill in around the house!

TJ Maxx


TJ Maxx and Marshall’s are great stores for affordable, seasonal decor!

I got a table runner, kitchen towels, pumpkin pie coffee, a soap dispenser, and two adorable decor items!

Joann Fabrics


I also love Joann Fabric’s for seasonal decor because they always have sales!! Download their app so you never miss their latest sales and coupons!

All of this was 70% off AND they let me use a coupon!!

I got a doormat, a hanging sign, a decorative basket, scent pouches, and a pair of socks that I couldn’t resist.

Christmas Tree Shop


Yet another amazing home decor spot on a budget, is the Christmas Tree Shop! I got all of this on their major Labor Day Sale! Nothing here was over $11!! That doesn’t seem too crazy for the smaller items, but you know that decorative pillows are usually at least $20!

I got a pillow, a pumpkin shaped cutting board, wine glasses, a serving tray, decorative pumpkins, a basket, silk flowers, candles, and window gels!

Mrs. Meyer’s


I loooove Mrs. Meyer’s products for cleaning the house and dishes, and I especially love when they come out with their seasonal scents! I use their all-purpose cleaner everywhere, so I actually just ordered a bottle in their other fall scent, Mums! I can’t wait to smell it!

I ordered these on Grove Collaborative which if you don’t know, is an incredible site that delivers-for free-your favorite all natural cleaning and home products (Mrs. Meyer’s, Method, etc.) to you at a discounted price. You can even sign up to get products on a customizable schedule! And best of all, members get first access to seasonal items like this! [This is NOT sponsored, just a site I really love and is super affordable!]

Pumpkin Flavored Food


Last but certainly not least is pumpkin flavored food!!!

I had these pumpkin cheerios last year and I was obsessed, so when I saw them listed 2 for $5, I obviously had to stock up. With almond milk, it tastes seriously amazing!

I love to have granola bars on hand for when we are on the go. These Nature Valley pumpkin bars are delicious and not overly pumpkin flavored.

I love yogurt, but I especially love to get these and stick them in the freezer! As a little dessert treat, I take them out, sprinkle a few dark chocolate chips on top, and enjoy about half the container and save the rest for another night. Such a yummy and healthy snack!

The Peanut Butter & Co pumpkin spice peanut butter is to DIE for. I love it with bananas, celery, or in smoothies! It’s such a good treat.

I also picked up some pumpkin pie spice to put in oatmeal or smoothies!


That’s all for my fall haul on a budget! I hope you were inspired to go to some of these stores and watch for sales for budget friendly decor!

Comment your favorite purchase from this post!

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Thanks so much for stopping by to read my Not-So-Secret Diary!

I post about home decor and organization on a budget, bullet journaling, wedding updates and more every Wednesday and Sunday!







One thought on “Fall Home on a Budget!

  1. I had no idea they had the pumpkin clips and pumpkin air fresheners! I’m weird about my decor as I started decorating with more neutral colors last year because my home is all neutral tones with white, grey, and linen colors. I love other ppls fall colors but I try to stick to the white, gold, maybe some green. I just bought some white and green punpkins from Kroger and I need to update my wreath! Love all your ideas!


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