PLAN WITH ME : September Bullet Journal

Dear Diary,



One of my favorite hobbies is Bullet Journaling! I love to write up my monthly spreads in a blog to share how I stay organized. Check out my last BUJO post PLAN WITH ME : August Bullet Journal to see how this month is similar and different!


I can’t believe my favorite season is already coming….FALL!

And as always, a new month means a new BUJO setup. With fall quickly approaching, I wanted to go with some fall themes and colors.



If you follow my plan with me’s, you know that I always choose a theme, some colors, and a type of lettering that I carry through the entire month. So this month, I chose Football, fall colors, and a fun cursive lettering!!

Football is a huge part of the fall season, so I thought it would be fun to incorporate some doodles. I also chose these fall-ish colors to use throughout the month!




I used to only commit to writing “a line a day” for my journaling section. Last month, I decided it wasn’t enough and went with “2 lines a day”! I found that it was super easy to fill it up each day and really enjoyed it, so I went for it again this month!



I love my trackers to keep me organized!

For my exercise tracker, I color in the days that I work out and note what the workout was and for how long in the section below.

My mood tracker, each football is numbered. I use the color code at the top of the page to fill in how I feel each day!


Habit and sleep trackers are next!

My habit tracker, I color in that day if I complete the habit.

My sleep tracker, i color the times that I slept that night. This helps me keep a regular and healthy sleep schedule.



If you checked out my August Plan With Me, you will see I did this same weekly spread. I really loved the simplicity of this spread and how much space I had to plan out my days! To keep with the theme and colors, I added some cute little football doodles on some of the days.

Now grab a pen and join me in planing your month!

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What BUJO posts would you like to see next time? Comment Below and check out my previous posts: Bullet Journal.

Thanks for stopping by to read my Not-So-Secret Diary!



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