Dream Laundry Room on a Budget!

Dear Diary,

Who knew that the Laundry Room would turn into one of my favorite rooms in the house?



I absolutely love the room that we have for our laundry! I decided I wanted to make it a space that I really enjoy if I’m going to be doing a chore that nobody really enjoys. But of course, I didn’t want to spend too much money on a room that’s really just for me.

Here is how I achieved my dream Laundry  Room on a tiny budget!!

The Before


This was the room with the previous owner’s washer and dryer. The room is very spacious, but I wanted to make it a place we enjoyed.


This is when our new washer and dryer arrived! It was already feeling better with some brighter appliances, but I wanted to add some homey elements and cover up some eye sores!

The After




I am obsessed with the way this room turned out. I want to be in there all the time!!!

I chose to go with all neutral colors. It makes it look so clean and bright!

How’d I do it?


The Shelf

There is a closet in this laundry room, but I new I wanted a shelf over the washer and dryer to access things easier when I’m doing tons of laundry.

I started to look for white shelves and quickly realized how insanely expensive they can be! So I decided to go for a hunt in the garage and use some scrap wood from a previous project.

I found the perfect piece and spray painted it with a white chalk board paint. After two coats, I used some sand paper to distress it a little bit. We used some L hooks to hang it up! I love the way this turned out. It’s the perfect size for what what I need and the scrap wood helped me achieve that Farmhouse style I was going for.

The Wall Art

I found the cutest laundry room signs on Etsy, but once again, way too expensive. So, I decided to go for it and paint them myself! I feature them in my Easy DIY Wall Art post, make sure you check it out!!

After hanging the paintings, I felt like there was a lot of blank space in the middle. I really didn’t know what I was going to put there, so I grabbed a black velvet hanger and held it in between. House items can be decor, too, right? I thought it was the perfect addition!

What’s on the Shelf?

In the basket (from the Dollar Tree, of course), I keep dryer sheets. Then I have an all purpose cleaner, laundry detergent, scent boosters, a laundry sign, wool dryer balls and essential oils, a lint tin (that I actually use!), and some air fresheners.


I knew I wanted the shelf for my laundry detergent and such for easy access, but of course I needed some decor, too! Sean got me the little sign at Ace Hardware Store and I got the dryer balls and lint tin at TJ Maxx, The dyer balls and lint tin were only about $4 a each!

I really wanted a carpet in here to make it feel less cold and more homey. I found the perfect sized runner at Walmart.

[Here is a similar one]

I also got this cute laundry bin at TJ Maxx for only $9.99. I thought this was an amazing deal because most laundry baskets I saw were really expensive. I loved it because it has a lid!

I hang most of my clothes to dry, so I bought this 5 hanger system to attach to the wall. It folds up if you don’t want it sticking out, but I think it looks cute with the hangers there all the time. I also have a drying rack for larger items that I keep folded behind the dryer when it’s not in use.

[Here is something similar to the wall mount]

The Curtains

I knew I wanted to cover up all the electrical wires, outlets, and eye sores to make this room pretty. I also saw so many ways to cover up utility sinks, but I thought curtains would be the easiest (and cheapest) solution!

I bought 2 tension rods for $2 each and 2 window valances for $4 each all at Walmart. Under the shelf, I attached two command hooks and hung the rod on those, and for the sink, I just opened the rod to the size between the washer and the wall and fit it in!

I think the gray curtains give it such a high end look in here (and we no longer have any eye sores!

I love the way this room turned out! I can’t wait to continue to share my house updates on a budget with you!

What tips will you be using to redo your laundry room?

Thanks so much for stopping by to read my Not-So-Secret Diary!

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