Dollar Tree Organize : KITCHEN!

Dear Diary,


Are you ready to organize your entire kitchen for just $40?!

Keep reading to see how I did it!!

I seriously LOVE the Dollar Tree and I LOVE to organize.

Stores like the container store are great to get organized, but they can be so expensive!

I thought with the new house, I would combine my love of organization and the Dollar Tree and go on a hunt for some budget friendly ways to organize!

One of my favorite rooms in the house is the kitchen, and honestly, I can’t stand a disorganized/messy kitchen. I thought this would be the best place to start!

Grab a drink or a snack and read my best tips to organize your Kitchen with ONLY Dollar Tree (yes, that means everything is a dollar!!!) products!

Where to Start

When I started my hunt, I first decided to choose a color.

When you see the bin section at the Dollar Tree, all the colors might turn you off. It looks a little bit messy seeing a rainbow of strange colors lined up on a wall. I decided to go with blue for the entire kitchen so it looked clean and cohesive! AND, if you hate all of the colors they have, you can always pull out the spray paint!

You also have to feel the quality of the products. Some of the bins are so flimsy and definitely worth a dollar. Others, though, you would never think you bought at the Dollar Tree!

You will see some of my favorite organizers in this post!

The Fridge


I don’t know about you, but my fridge NEEDS to be organized so I can see all my food and know where that unknown stench might be coming from.

One of my first tips for keeping the fridge clean is to ONLY BUY WHAT YOU NEED! I used to be such a sucker for wasting food! Now I will only go to the store with a list so I know I won’t over buy.

As for the Dollar Tree Products though, the blue bins are from there, the fridge liners, the can organizer, and the round tupperware!


One of my favorite things to do in my fridge and all of my cupboards is to use shelf liners. I especially love it in the fridge because if you spill something, it’s super easy to clean up and just add a new piece.

These blue bins are perfect to keep my fruits and veggies organized. I used a chalk pen to label them so it wipes off if I ever decide to use these bins for something else!


I’m obsessed with this plastic can organizer and couldn’t believe I found one at the Dollar Tree! It keeps all of our La Croix’s (we are obsessed) organized and easy to reach!



I hate having tons of little bags and boxes in the cupboards because it takes up so much space! I try my best to take anything out of the packaging that I can. That’s where the Dollar Tree comes in!

In the cupboards, I got the blue bin, the snack bin, the cereal box, and all of the glassware.

One of the same blue bins from the fridge is holding all of our oatmeal in here and obviously the cereal bin has our cereal. I want to get a few more of those since we sometimes buy cereal in bulk, but I am trying to find that same one with the blue clasp.

LOVE the glassware at the Dollar Tree!! These jars were perfect for organizing my nuts and seeds that I use in smoothies and salads. I got those cute chalkboard labels from the dollar section in Target (also a steal!) and wrote what the are and the serving size with my chalk pen.


Just like the nuts and seeds, I take all of my granola bars and snacks out of the boxes, so this was the perfect little bin to stick them all in!


Since we are trying to save as much money as we can, I didn’t want to buy a lazy susan truntable (they are surprisingly expensive!) so I created my own!

I bought two silver trays and a pack of floral marbles from the Dollar Tree. It isn’t perfect, but it is for now until we want to splurge for a real lazy susan or add it to our wedding registry! This saves so much space in our cupboards!


Once again hating the packaging…not sure if it’s because I am OCD or too lazy to take off the lid every time I need oil lol.

I was so excited to find this at the Dollar Tree! It makes it look fancier than having the bottle of Coconut Oil sitting on the counter. It honestly works really well, too! I was worried the lid would fall off easily when I would tip it, but it doesn’t at all!

Mail/Medicine Cabinet

Every  type of organization in this cabinet is from the Dollar Tree! The bins, tray, index filer, and binder.

I love the bins on top to organize our mail. Whenever one of us grabs the mail, we stick it in our mail slot by the door. Once we open it, we throw the junk away and put the important stuff in our bins!

I used the same bin and a tray to organize some medications and vitamins on the bottom shelf!

The binder is where I keep all of home goodies (cleaning spray ingredients, cleaning routines, grocery lists, etc.). Give this post a like if you’d like to see what’s inside!

Finally, I bought an index card holder to keep all of my coupons! I can label each section for groceries, restaurants, or shopping. Whenever I know I’m going shopping, I throw this in my purse just in case!

I labeled everything with my chalk pen again in case I decided to ever change the system!

Tupperware Storage


One of the most annoying things to keep organized is TUPPERWARE! Am I right?!

It took me a while to figure out the best system for tupperware. I tried stacking or putting them all in a drawer, but this seems to work best so far!

The first thing that I did was figure out which pieces I actually had a lid for. If I didn’t, I got rid of it. How much tupperware do you actually need, anyway?


The white bins are actually dirty dish bins! They are the perfect size to store tupperware in and they are nice and sturdy! They also pull out easily like a drawer so you can easily see everything inside.

The little dressing containers drive me nuts, too! I found these awesome pencil desk organizers that even have a rubber surface at the bottom. They are the perfect size for these little containers and they aren’t rolling all over the place!

Under the Sink



The dreaded under the sink spot…made easy and clean!!!

The blue stacking bins and the garbage can are from the Dollar Tree (and so are the sponges and dish gloves)!

I use the garbage can to throw anything that needs to be recycled while I’m cooking and I don’t want to run to the garage or leave it on the countertop. Once it fills up, I take it to the garage!


These bins are awesome but annoying at the same time..let me explain and tell you my trick!

They stack so nicely, but once you start putting stuff on them, they start to collapse…but don’t let that deter you from purchasing them!!!

If you put a little bit of super glue (also from the Dollar Tree) and then stack them, they won’t go anywhere! Now they are the perfect under the sink organizer.

I keep my everyday cleaning products here as well as my sponges and gloves so they are easy to reach!

Pantry/Cleaning Closet



This closet is actually meant for a pantry, but since I save so much space in our cupboards with my Dollar Tree finds, this really ended up being more storage for cleaning and paper products. I also keep some kitchen appliances that aren’t used too often in here.

With that said, are you surprised to hear that every bin in here is from the Dollar Tree?

Yep! Even my cleaning caddy is from the Dollar Tree (blog post about that to come)!

These bins store cleaning products, lightbulbs and electrical cables, gift wrapping and bags, and crafting paints.


I’ve told you guys in a previous post that I like to use matches on hand because I think they look so cute on the countertops and if my lighter goes out, I can still light my candles!

I got this jar as well as the matches at the Dollar Tree. Since I don’t want to have the box everything I need to light a match, I cut a piece of the strike off the box and super glued (that Dollar Tree super glue coming in handy again!) it to the bottom of the jar.

Nonslip Rug Mat

This isn’t only for the kitchen, but I couldn’t believe I found them and had to add it to the post!

I needed a nonslip piece for the runner in my entryway, but once again, they can get super expensive!

When I saw this, I had to grab it and see if it worked.

I picked up two since I knew they would be small. I put one on each end of my runner and it covered just the right amount. Now my rug doesn’t move! Seriously, what an amazing Dollar Tree find!!!

Go grab your $40 and head to the Dollar Tree! You won’t be sorry!

There will be many more Dollar Tree hunts to come!

Comment what your favorite storage item was from the post!

Thanks so much for stopping by to read my Not-So-Secret Diary!



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