Redo a Space on a Budget!

Dear Diary,


I have been dying to create a space that was just for me.

I needed a space to practice yoga but also to work on my blog and store all of my crafting/bullet journal/office supplies!

What was stopping me? Money.

I ended up spending under $100 with these 5 easy tips!

1. Make the Room Work

Even if the room isn’t exactly what you want right now, make it work!

This room was already painted these colors and I really wasn’t ready to spend the time or money on painting. Since I already have items that I know can match and I can easily buy a few more accents, I ditched my initial ideas and made this work!

I ended up falling in love with the way it looks and using the closet for awesome storage!

2. Use what you already have!

When we want to create a new space, we tend to think we have to buy all new things. Look through your collections and think about where you can use your pieces best. Maybe you can switch a bin into another space that it fits better! I ended up using things I forgot I even had!

I had shelves from 5 Below shoved in a bag for almost a year and never used them!

I also used my old night stand and I just flipped it over to use as a tv stand and extra workout storage!

My desk chair is actually Sean’s that he uses to play video games (lol!) He plays in the room next to this and we usually aren’t doing those things at the same time, so we decided to just roll it back and forth until I am ready to invest in my own!

I used bins I had for my scrapbooking crafts and for printer paper and ink. Now they are out of the way and I didn’t have to spend money on new organizers! They are also a perfect place to keep my printer!

love to use my bins from my FabFitFun subscriptions. They are super cute and free storage!

Get creative with your storage!

3. Shop at Target (With a LIST)


This one is really tough for me! I absolutely love target and can easily spend like $500 in there, but if you go with a list and tell yourself that you are only going for those things, it can be super awesome on a budget! You also need to know when to shop!

Some things that I love about Target are the dollar section and the App.

Know When to Shop

The reason that I decided to tackle this space right now is because it is back to school season! That means that they are really trying to sell to college students.

I got my rug, pillow, candles, and flower pot on super sale from the Room Essentials dorm brand!

The Dollar Section


The dollar section is so amazing because the quality of the products are just as good as the rest of the store for a fraction of the price! I love to go to this section for storage items and even decorations during back to school!

I got my vintage light, folder holder, succulent, and garbage can in the dollar section for a steal!

The App

If you are a Target shopper and you don’t have the app, I want you to stop reading right now and go download it!!!!

It is free and so amazing! You can find coupons, the weekly ads, shop by category, scan items for price check, make lists, and so much more! My favorite part though….is the Cartwheel offers.

The Cartwheel offers are so awesome because you can find the best deals even while you’re in the store. It tells you exactly where to find it and how many are left!

I found this desk for $44.99 (originally $70.00) using the Cartwheel feature!

When you are actually in the store, you can search for what you are shopping for. I looked up “desks” in the Cartwheel offers and it showed me the best deals in the store that I was standing in. I found this desk that I absolutely love and it told me exactly what isle to find it in! And let me tell you…otherwise, I don’t think I would have gone down that isle!!

If they don’t have something in the store that you really like, it tells you what stores near you carry it or you can order it online!

4. Buy Functional Pieces



I loved this desk because it is a perfect size and totally functional! It is on wheels which I love because when I am working out, I can move it if I need more space. This room will also serve as a guest room in our home eventually so it’s easy to move if we need extra space for guests!

I loved the little geometrical candle. Yes, it’s small, but the candle piece can be replaced once it burns out! (Also, never throw away your candle jars! Clean them out and reuse them for something else! They are amazing free storage.) The Santorini candle, though, I couldn’t resist…I spent a few days there last May! Like this post if you’d like me to write a whole blog post about my 10 days in Greece!

Another tip for functional buying is to never spend money on things that are “trendy” or that you won’t like in a few months! This goes for seasonal decor, too. If you want some fall pieces, go for cheaper accents, not a Pottery Barn rug for each holiday.

5. Go to the Dollar Tree!


Honestly, I think the Dollar Tree might be my favorite store. I can probably write an entire blog dedicated only to the Dollar Tree!!

I knew that I wanted some organizers on my desk but I didn’t want to spend much more money. I got these two glasses pieces in the dish section.

The first is to store my pens, pencils, and scissors. I liked the glass because it doesn’t distract from the rest of the colors on the desk.

The jar, I store matches in for my candles! This way I am not constantly trying to find a lighter and they look so cute on my desk! (I got the matches at the dollar tree too!) A tip if you want to store your matches this way is to cut a piece of the lighter from the box and super glue it to the bottom of the glass container!


I also got all of my folders and writing pads from the Dollar Tree. I needed a space to store my important documents like mail and bills without getting them lost. I loved these secured pockets just for that!

What do you guys think?! I absolutely love my new space and seriously spend most of my time here! It’s so relaxing and inviting but when I’m in there, I know it’s time to get the job done!

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Thanks so much for stopping by to read my Not-So-Secret Diary!



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