Easy DIY Wall Art

Dear Diary,

As our new home is slowly coming together, I have been working on some easy wall art!

I went to Michaels and picked up a few different sized canvases and some new paint and brushed. Once I got home, I went to town!

I had so much fun creating these unique and easy paintings. They are all super simple, even if you aren’t crafty!

Vertical Line Art





The first set are these super fun vertical line pieces!

All you need is two canvases, paint of your color choice, and some brushes!


I used these fun gold, pale pink and navy paints to match the master bedroom in my home.


I also used 3 paint brushes. I used a flat 1 in, 2/4 in, and a 1/2 in.


I started with my two canvases, a plate of paint, and paint brushes!


First, I had to decide which colors I wanted to have the thickest lines. I started by just randomly making navy lines with the 2/4 in brush. The key to this, is that they don’t have to be perfect! Notice how they aren’t all perfectly straight, the same on both canvases, or all fully painted. Just have fun!


Next, I started to create pink lines with the 1 in brush, filling in some empty spaces.


I then washed off my 1 in brush so I could use it for the gold lines.

After putting in gold lines, I used the 1/2 in brush to fill in some empty space with more pale pink!


For a finishing touch, I coved the 1 in brush in gold paint and tapped on it to splatter gold all over the canvas!!

Finally, I used all the colors to make more lines, leaving no empty spaces!



All that’s left is to hang them up and enjoy!!

I love using canvases because they are light enough to use command stripes instead of making a hole in the wall! Only took me five minutes to hang them up!

These are super simple but really tie in the colors of my room. So much better than spending tons of money on an art piece!

Laundry Room Squares!


Last week I was on Etsy and found adorable laundry room signs that said wash, dry, fold, repeat!

I absolutely loved them, but didn’t love the price! That’s when I knew I could easily DIY them!!!

This one doesn’t take much explaining.

I used a pencil and ruler to find the center of each square canvas. I then drew a line across the center so I wouldn’t be writing all over the place.

Next, I used my pencil to write out my letters using some fun cursive!

Finally, I used a black paint pen to paint over my letters. I went back in with thicker strokes on the parts of the letters you would be going down to create a hand lettering effect. Last thing to do was erase the pencil once it all dried!

I love these so much and can’t wait to hang them in my laundry room! They are super simple with black and white but go perfectly with my modern farmhouse vision!

Abstract Gold


The last wall art I created are these pretty gold and navy pieces!

I used the same paints as before since these are my biggest colors in the house. It also saved me on spending more money on paints!


I started by painting both canvases gold. I used two coats because I didn’t want to see any white.


After a night of drying fully, I used the navy paint to cover about half of each canvas with large strokes! I also did a few coats of this so I didn’t have any streaks.

I painted with the brush at an angle to get the pointed edges in the middle.


I really love the way this simple project came together! I’m excited to hang these up in my living room once I finish painting all the walls! The gold will definitely make the little gold accents in the house pop!

I can’t wait to continue sharing my house updates with you!

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Thanks so much for stopping by to read my Not-So-Secret Diary!



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