PLAN WITH ME : August Bullet Journal

Dear Diary,


It’s almost AUGUST?! Where is this summer going? PLEASE SLOW DOWN! Am I right?!

Only good thing about the month quickly approaching, is that it is time to plan!

I hope my August plan with me gives you some inspiration!



Each month, I choose a theme and some colors that I carry throughout the entire month. This month, I chose ICE CREAM!!!! Who doesn’t love ice cream?! I think it is the perfect summer treat and so inviting to look at as I plan out my month.



The last few months, I have been doing “a line a day” to encourage myself to journal a little bit each night. The last few weeks that hasn’t been enough space for me! So I decided to do “lines a day”. It’s only a little extra space but I’m excited to see how it fills out!



I am totally obsessed with these spreads! The ice cream just looks so cute! Here are my exercise and mood trackers.

For the exercise, I color in the days that I work out and note what the workout was and for how long in the notes section.

In my mood tracker, I use the color code on the bottom of the page to fill in how I was feeling that day!


Habit and sleep trackers! I took a break from these for a few months, but I am excited to have them back!

My habit tracker, I color in that day if I completed that habit.

My sleep tracker, I color the times that I slept that night.

TIP: Notice that I messed up a bit in my habit tracker? THAT IS OK!!! Remember the number 1 rule to bullet journaling is that it is YOURS and does NOT have to be perfect. I used a white gel pen to cover up my little mistake and then wrote over it.



Some months I get so intricate with my weeklys that it almost becomes annoying to fill out or create. I chose to go super simple this month and I love it!!! There is so much space to plan out my day and it only takes minutes to create the spread.

Now grab a pen and join me in planning your month!!!

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