Bullet Journal Switch

Dear Diary,

img_4850.jpgSeriously, how cute is my new journal?!

With summer finally here, I thought it would be a good time to show you how I switched over to a new bullet journal!

It is bitter sweet to finish a bullet journal. It makes me feel a little sad because I loved my bullet journal so much and I learned a ton while creating it! but it is also extremely exciting to be starting a new one! Change is never easy, but if you have a good attitude (or an adorable new journal) it can be so fun!

I started bullet journaling last September, so nearly a year ago, but I already filled it up! Some people are afraid to switch over to a new bullet journal in the middle of the actual year, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! You should start your journal whenever it is best for you! It can be in the middle of the month if you want to! Because remember the most important thing about bullet journaling?…It is YOURS!!! You can do what you want with it!!

In this post, I am going to give you some tips and show you how I made the switch from one bullet journal to the next!

What is Coming With?

The first thing you should do is look through your entire current bullet journal.

Ask yourself some hard questions such as: What did I like? What worked? What didn’t work so well? What would I change?

When you make these decisions, I like to use sticky notes to help me out. I put a pink sticky note on the pages I know I want to re-create exactly in my new journal, yellow on the pages I want to include but change slightly and a green on the ones I want to physically migrate. Anything that does not have a sticky note will be left behind.

The spreads I re-created exactly the same are my mile tracker, Instagram tracker, blog ideas, and wedding plans.

The spreads that I wanted to include but change are my index, cover page, yearly, birthday list and of course my monthlys and weeklys.

The only page I decided to physically migrate is my memories page. This is because it is supposed to be for the year 2018 and I want to continue it.

Love the gold page edges!!
img_4856So excited when I see this new cover page!
img_4851I think it's time that I try my best to actually keep track of my index!
img_4866Love my new birthday list!
img_4865Year at a glance!
img_4867Wedding Planning is coming along!
img_4861.jpgMy mile tracker always give me some motivation!
img_4863Keeping my Instagram tracker and blog ideas the same!
img_4860Moved all of my memories over with me!


New Spreads

After moving all the spreads that I wanted to take with me, I made some super fun new additions, but I am going to save some of those for another blog post. I guess you will just have to come back to see them! 😉


Like posts like this? Check out my other bullet journaling posts here and stay tuned for future ones!

Thanks so much for stopping by to read my Not-So-Secret Diary!

I post every Sunday and Wednesday!




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