DIY Tassel Earrings

Dear Diary,



Tassel jewelry is totally in right now, especially with summer coming up! I was dying for a new pair of tassel earrings and went out shopping for some last week. While looking at the outrageous prices for some of these earrings, I thought to myself…”I absolutely can make those for way cheaper!”

I drove to Joann Fabric and picked up some materials.

The Materials I Bought:


Gold Jewelry Jump Rings

Gold Ear Wires

Embroidery Thread

Other Materials Needed:

Jewelry Pliers



How to Make the Earrings:

Before the explanation, I just have to say that these earrings were not difficult to make at ALL, even if you’ve never worked with jewelry before!

I decided not to make them too complicated, but I plan to experiment with more tassel jewelry in the future!

I chose to make two different types of earrings: Single tasseled and Double tasseled.

The Single Tasseled Earrings:



  1. Choose an embroidery thread color
  2. Open the jump ring
  3. Loop the jump ring through the folded embroidery thread
  4. Attach the ear wire to the jump ring
  5. Close up the jump ring
  6. Measure how long you want your tassel
  7. Cut the thread to your desired length
  8. Take a piece of excess thread and tie it around the top of the thread closest to the jump ring
  9. Cut off excess string
  10. Repeat all steps for the second earring

Double Tasseled Earrings:




  1. Chose two embroidery thread colors (you can also just do two tassels of the same color if you would rather!) For you to understand my steps, I will call the dark pink color (the top tassel) thread 1 and the lighter pink (the bottom tassel) thread 2
  2. Start by taking about an inch of thread 1 and looping through the folded embroidery thread 2 (like you did with the jump ring in the single tasseled tutorial)
  3. Tie a knot and attach thread 1 to the jump ring
  4. Take a piece of excess thread 2 and tie it around the top of your thread 2 tassel
  5. Next, make your thread 1 tassel using same steps from the single tasseled tutorial
  6. The two tassels should appear to be stacked with a piece of thread 1 holding the bottom tassel up
  7. Repeat all steps for the second earring

These earrings were so fun to make! They are adorable and add some fun to any outfit! Hope you enjoyed!

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Comment which earrings you liked best!

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