PLAN WITH ME : June Bullet Journal

Dear Diary,

I can’t even believe that it’s almost June!!

Since it is so close, it means that it’s time for me to plan for the month.

I’m going to share pictures of how I planned out my month and maybe give you some inspiration!

Each month, I choose a theme or colors that I like to carry throughout the entire month.

For June 2018, I chose to make my theme lemons!

Before starting, I like to make sure I have the time to sit and plan everything out. I usually grab a cup of coffee or tea, put on a show and plan away!

The Planning:

Before I started to write anything in, I used sticky notes to plan out what page each spread would go on. This way, I knew that it would all fit and I didn’t have to make it up as I went along!

Pencil It In:

The second thing I did was write everything out in pencil so I didn’t mess up!

Since I’m a total perfectionist, this is something I rarely skip.


After penciling in and making sure that it looked as good as possible, I traced over it all in pen.


The last part was my absolute favorite! I love to color it all in and make it look pretty!




Bullet journaling is such a wonderful stress reliever for me. It took a decent amount of time to plan out my month this way, but I think it is extremely soothing and relaxing.

Now grab a pen and join the planning!!

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Thanks for stopping by to read my not-so-secret diary!




2 thoughts on “PLAN WITH ME : June Bullet Journal

  1. Brandon's Bullet Journal

    I love that you put sticky notes on before you fill out your pages! I’m always flipping back and forth so thats really helpful! Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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