What I Got for My Birthday

Dear Diary,

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I recently had my 23rd birthday!

22 was an absolutely amazing year full of blessings…I graduated college, went to Greece and Italy, got my first teaching job, went to Disney World at Christmas time and got engaged!!

How can I top all of that??

23 started pretty amazing too, though. I felt completely loved and spoiled by my family and friends.

With that said, I thought I’d share some awesome gifts I received for my birthday!



Adorable flowy blouse : Free People

Jean shorts : Nordstrom (Happy Birthday to me, from me)!

Tan wedges : J Crew (Happy Birthday to me, from me)!


Gorgeous earrings : Free People

Denim donut and coffee shoes

Versa Fitbit

White tank blouse : Kohl’s

Navy sun hat : Banana Republic Factory

Adorable pineapple tank : Kohl’s

Darling polka dot dress : Kohl’s


Black sandals : Michael Kors

Minnie Mouse Leggings : Lula Roe


Minnie Mouse card holder : Kate Spade


Audrey Hepburn quoted pouch

Denim cactus baseball cap



Gorgeous bathbomb

Birthday / Engagement:


Sun hat with my future name!

Adorable engaged tank


Engaged ornament

Hilariously cute Feyonce T-shirt


Wedding countdown! (405 days now!)


Engaged picture frame

I am incredibly blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life!

Of course gifts are a joy for your birthday, but being with my family and friends was more special than any gift could possibly be!

Cheers to 23, I’m sure it will be another fabulous year!

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One thought on “What I Got for My Birthday

  1. Mary Jean

    You look so beautiful in the top we bought you!!! I love all the way you showed all your gifts.. loathe earrings look gorgeous too!!! Love everything you got including the gifts to yourself!!!!


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