13 Reasons I Knew I Would Marry Him

Dear Diary,

I truly believe in the phrase, “when you know, you know”, and I surely felt that when I started dating my fiancé.

From the first moment we spent together, I knew it was something different than I had ever felt before. I didn’t quite know how to explain this feeling, but it was absolutely overwhelming.

I was afraid to tell anyone how passionately I felt about him because I knew it seemed ridiculous. Could this be real? Or was it just the “honey moon phase” of our relationship?

Now being engaged and having years to think about how easily I fell in love with him, I think it’s easier to explain.


Here are 13 reasons I knew I would marry him some day:

1. He puts me first


No matter what the situation is, he makes sure my happiness comes first. If I am sad, he does everything he can to make me laugh and feel better. If something comes up, he makes sure I feel comfortable with the situation before continuing on.

2.  He accepts me for who I am

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As goofy as I can be, he loves me regardless. He loves the things that I hate about myself. He makes sure I know that it’s okay to be just me.

I’m supported in every new adventure.

3. I miss him the second I’m not with him

Image may contain: Beth DeMichele and Sean Bromiley, people smiling, people standing, sky, beard and outdoor

Whether we are on a fancy vacation or just chilling on the couch all day long, I love every second with him.

The moment he leaves, I miss him.

4. He loves my family and friends


Family is so important to me. They are my life. My friends, too.

He took the time to get to know each and every one of them in their own way. He also made sure I got to know his.

My family is his, and his is mine.

5. He makes me feel safe

Image may contain: 3 people, including Beth DeMichele and Sean Bromiley, people standing, night and outdoor

I have never felt unsafe in his presence….even in the Haunted Mansion..!

I know that he will do anything to protect me. If I am overwhelmed, he knows exactly how to calm me down.

6. I get chills

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, drink and indoor

I really thought this one would go away after being together for awhile, but I still get butterflies in my stomach when I see him.

7. He has goals

Image may contain: Beth DeMichele and Sean Bromiley

He is such a hard worker. If he has something else going on, he still finds the time to get the job done. Whether it be at work, with his family, or with me, he knows what he wants and I know he will work to get it.

He is so determined to be successful in all areas of his life.

8. We have the same values

Image may contain: Sean Bromiley and Beth DeMichele, people smiling, eyeglasses, closeup and outdoor

We have the same views and beliefs. We have the same dreams for our future.

9. He is a gentleman

Image may contain: Beth DeMichele and Sean Bromiley, people smiling

He opens doors for me, walks closest to the road when we are on a sidewalk, carries my bags when I’m too exhausted, and definitely brings me wine when I need it!

Even after years of being together, he is always a true gentleman.

10. We can get through anything without a fight 

Image may contain: Beth DeMichele and Sean Bromiley, people smiling, people standing, wedding and outdoor

Despite how this hilarious photo might look, we are able to work out our differences or problems with a normal discussion. We are willing to say sorry and move on.

I can count on one hand the amount of times we have had a real argument.

11. I feel admired


….that’s better!

He makes me feel like the most amazing person that has ever walked this earth. He tells me I’m beautiful everyday. He tells me he loves me constantly. Even though I tease him for being super corny, I love him for it.

12. We have similar interests


Though we don’t have every hobby in common, we connected doing something we both love….performing! Years later, one of our favorite things to do together is direct musicals!

I love that we have so much in common.

13. We can talk about anything


As someone with social anxiety, I can’t always say I’m comfortable talking to many people. He has been the easiest person to talk to since the moment we first spoke. Sorry to say, but if you’re afraid to admit that girls poop to your man..he’s probably not the one…

I can’t begin to explain how truly blessed I am to have found this kind of love.

I can’t wait to marry my best friend.

I love you, Sean!



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